Best Cat Toys of 2016

Best Interactive Toy: Cat Catcher Wand

Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy – Gold Glitter Wand

This toy is amazing.  My cat, Frankie, is captivated anytime I take it out to play with him, and he even climbs my bookcase to get to the shelf where it rests.  The best way to use the toy is to tease him near a corner or other object.  I place the toy in his line of sight, then quickly snatch it away around the corner so he can’t see it.  This makes his eyes widen and pupils dilate, which means he’s in super-playful mode.  Once I’ve got his attention, I can usually get him to do an acrobatic leap or stand on his hind-legs by flipping the toy above his head.  He will chase me as I run from the living area to the kitchen, dragging the toy behind and if I hold the toy above his head he will swat at it.

This toy has really brought my cat and I together.  We bond while using it.  When my friends come over they ask to use this toy to play with Frankie.  He will often meow when we wants to play or if I’ve been busy with work and haven’t paid him enough attention.  I highly recommend this toy for anyone who loves their cat and needs a little help connecting with them.

Best Toy for Sitting Down: Green Laser Pointer

Dinofire Wireless Presenter with Green Light, Rechargable PowerPoint Clicker Presentation Remote, Support Hyperlink

If you’re like me, sometimes you are too tired to get up off the couch after a long day at work.  It’s nice to have a toy that can get your cat running all over the room with minimal effort on your part.  For this, a green laser pointer has worked wonders for me and Frankie.  When Frankie was a kitten, I lived in a smaller apartment.  I would use this toy get ensure he got enough exercise running from one side of the room to the other at top speed.  As I projected the laser up the walls, Frankie would leap several feet off the ground to reach it.  He is a very curious cat and so a little stimulation can go a long way to carry his interest.  My wife and I call the green laser his “green buddy” and he meows loudly when I fetch it from the cup on where I keep my pens.  He probably hears it rattle against the other pens and recognizes the sound.  The battery life is quite good and we can play for quite a while before he either tires out or the light intensity starts to fade.  Luckily I keep a good stash of rechargeable batteries in case this happens.

Panasonic KJ17MCC82A Eneloop Power Pack for 8AA, 2AAA, 2 C Spacers, 2 D Spacers, Advanced Individual Battery Charger

Best Cat Feeder: Vivipet Cat Feeder

ViviPet Cat Dining Table – 15° Tilted Platform Pet Feeder Solid Pine Stand with Ceramic Bowls – Elevated Cat Feeder Raised Cat Bowl Mykonos Collection

This one is a passive toy that keeps your cat entertained while also being a stylish feeding station for your favorite pet.  At a dinner party I had, my guests were very impressed with the cat shaped bowls and the natural grain wood.  Frankie loves it too. The gentle incline of the bowl helps him reach the food at the very bottom without straining his neck.  I never have to worry about stale food at the bottom of the bowl because its so easy for him to reach all of it.  My apartment has a natural wood finish so this fits in nicely with the decor.  The cat grass planter keeps him entertained and peaceful for when I get home so that he is ready for a pet at any time.

Best Cat Lounge and Cat Scratching Post: PetFusion Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. [Superior Cardboard & Construction]. Beware ‘cheaper copycats’ with ‘unverified’ reviews

I needed a scratching post because I got a nice new (expensive!) couch and Frankie loved to scratch the arms of that couch.  I tried dozens of scratching posts and even tried nail caps for Frankie’s nails, which he hated, but nothing worked.  When I got this lounge, he stopped scratching my couches.  The quality of the lounge is so sturdy that I can even stand on it to reach the high shelves on my bookcase, and I weigh over 12 times what my cat weighs!  It lasted longer than most cardboard cat scratchers because the construction is so dense.  Plus it can be flipped over to double its lifespan.  After several months I flipped it over so Frankie could scratch the underside.  My cat loves cardboard so he really loved this lounger.  It was his home and his toy all in one place.